Tough Choices

  • It also kind of looks like a martini.
  • This question had been haunting me for years– thanks, Internet.

  • Amidst all the proposals being floated around to balance the budget and save the US from crippling long-term debt (i.e. raising the retirement age and so forth), what about simply abolishing the Postal Service? It wouldn’t solve the problem by itself, but it is poised to lose 238 billion over the next decade.  There would still need to be some kind of parcel service, but just about every piece of mail could be delivered electronically if we put our minds to it.
  • I’m sure everyone has ‘friends’ on Facebook that stretch the traditionally-understood definition of friendship– i.e. people you hardly know (or maybe don’t know at all) and have little interaction with. I was considering which of my Facebook ‘friendships’ is the most tenuous and decided it’s a tie between (a) a former student of mine who unfortunately is deceased (her profile remains active as a sort of memorial) and (b) a guy I’ve never met but whose bed I’ve slept in at least three times. It would be more appropriate if I was friends with the bed.

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