Tajikistan Calling…

Today’s add-your-own-caption contest comes from far-flung Tajikistan:

My friend recently ventured there with this girlfriend (who is studying Central Asian languages) and snapped these photos for me from a book he found somewhere along the way. It’s impossible to imagine what’s supposed to be happening here, but as you look through more of the images, a vague plot-line begins to emerge that combines elements of Columbo, National Geographic, Iron Chef and a James Bond movie:

But then — as if just to throw you off the scent — there are also generic shots of harmless frolicking locals:


Hey, remember Barf laundry detergent? My friend also brought me back a sample box of this. The packaging is most excellent, as it depicts a model family smiling up in appreciative wonderment at the technicolor Barf masthead:

So many boxes of this stuff must be carried off to the West as souvenirs that they could include some little caption on the side, like ‘My friend went to Tajikistan and all I got was this vomitous packaging concept.’

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5 thoughts on “Tajikistan Calling…”

  1. 1. Doktor Kozmin’s treatment methods were crude but effective.

    2. “This plant holds the key to THE ENTIRE CASE.”

    3. I am mentally commanding you to turn the page. TURN THE PAGE NOW.

    4. “You’re right, I do work at Mr. Submarine also. This is just my day gig.”

    5. Barney sweated nervously, trying to decide which button to press. He knew he was being graded on his performance.

    6. “We cut right here. I’ve seen David Copperfield do this like 100 times. How hard could it be?”

    7. “I’ll put my mustard up against yours any day. Nurse! Bring us two sandwiches!”

    8. Residents of the area are periodically compelled to dance for the amusement of party leaders.

  2. 1. “You must train faster for the Landlocked Games! Row! Row!”
    2. The Tajik team comes to the realization that the aquatic events for the Landlocked Games were to be held on the Aral Sea.
    3. Yuri senses he is not alone in the newsroom.
    4. The secret ingredient for “Iron Chef Tajikistan” came as a surprise to the previous challenger.
    5. “I can’t believe you forgot to turn off the Venn Diagram machine last night.”
    6. “You will teach us the secret of autofocus. Oh yes you will.”
    7. “Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well.”
    8. Disco Pribehikistan!

  3. Yeah! Actually, I knew that but forgot to touch on it– thanks for reminding me. It adds a whole nother level of appreciation to the photo on the front of the box, where the family is gazing up lovingly at the barf falling from the sky, each chunk a unique little snowflake as it were.

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