Supply-Your-Own-Caption Contest

From a Mexican TV slapstick comedy that I caught a few minutes of in the Radioshack on Mission St. I was literally just standing in front of a TV taking shots of the screen with my phone while my friend bought batteries for his camera, hence the grainy ‘field footage’ quality of the images.

Unfortunately, I missed the comic denouement where– of course– the doctor finds a pretext to ‘examine’ the nurse and starts pawing at her bosom with his stethoscope to peals of laughter and applause. So, you’re on your own as far as visualizing a conclusion to this Chekovian little drama.

3 thoughts on “Supply-Your-Own-Caption Contest”

  1. Indeed.

    By the way: remember when Clinton was pushing for NAFTA passage and appeared wearing a hat that said ‘NAFTA: We hafta!’? I’ve been searching for a photo of that forever, but can’t find anything…

  2. Yes! And I guess that when Ross Perot referred to the “giant sucking sound” he was having a visionary moment and thinking of how badly Mexican TV would end up sucking!

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