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Gone fishin'

Headed out of town for a few days after a hectic experience finishing The Book (more on this behemoth later). Have a nice weekend.

Mock friends

A few words on each of our buddies in the blogroll: Everyone should check out JohnnyO’s Burrito Justice blog and his excellent post on Mission District trees in particular. This blog shares a lot of the topical preoccupations of Mock Duck (San Francisco, lost urban artifacts, bacon, etc) but manages to cover these themes without falling [...]

Mock neighborhood

Through the platform that powers this blog, I’m able to view user statistics and see how many people visited on a given day and what (if any) search terms they used to get here. Through extensive analysis, I’ve determined that we’re now ranked #3 on Google for the phrase Sanders antique perm machine. To quote Harry [...]

Guest-blogger alert

A warm, bloggy welcome to guest contributor Grandjoe, whose first post appears directly below this one.

Suggestion box

This is a proud week for the blog, as one loyal reader submitted the following comment to the What Is Mock Duck? page: Hi Dan: This is from YOUR MOM: I sure do enjoy your odd sense of humor! I think that you should give some detail on the other writers, tell us a little [...]

More ant facts

I seem to remember those ant fun facts coming from the printed side of a disposable Dixie drinking cup at the Bachrach for Congress headquarters where the young Krafy and I volunteered. But I could be mistaken. In the spirit of ‘ants have psychiatrists’, here are other spurious ant fun facts that sound plausible but [...]

Staffing notes

Guest-blogger Purephazed has split from the group, citing artistic differences. Krafty stays on as multi-instrumentalist and backup dancer.


The expression ‘kudos’ has always made my hair stand on end. But, nothing else conveys the same idea of ‘I tip my cap to you’ with such grammatical efficiency.  So, much like the can’t-live-with-it/can’t-live-without-it emoticon smiley-face, I guess we’re stuck with it. Anyway, kudos to Krafty for implicitly introducing a sorely-needed category to this blog, [...]

Yes, that Jack Kraft

More introductions: Please welcome guest contributor Krafty to the blog.