What is Mock Duck?

Literally speaking, it’s a meat dish that looks like duck but isn’t. And it’s apparently characterized by a ‘distinctive flavor and artificial “plucked duck” texture’. Also, there is an obscure side character in George Herriman’s Krazy Kat called Mock Duck.

The Mock Duck Project started in 2001 as an experimental installation web site, and remains up as a web site that nobody ever goes to. I dusted off the name for this blog, which is basically just a forum for me to write about stuff with one hand while I hold my newborn child with my other.

Posts that explore the meaning of the blog and the point behind it are here.

A long-time resident of San Francisco, I now live in Berlin, Germany. I just recently moved here from Prague, Czech Republic, where I did art direction at Department of Design and taught design classes at Prague College. My portfolio site is www.danmayer.com.

Guest-blogger Krafty lives in Los Angeles and weighs in from time to time on a variety of subjects. My mother, meanwhile, offers her opinion of the blog in the discussion section directly below.

Thanks for visiting.

– Dan

6 thoughts on “What is Mock Duck?”

  1. Hi Dan:
    This is from YOUR MOM: I sure do enjoy your odd sense of humor! I think that you should give some detail on the other writers, tell us a little about them and why you selected them. Love, Mom.

  2. I’m one of those who didn’t visit mockduck.net.
    Excellent site!

    My site is also a sort of web installation

    Like your work,
    greetings from Australia

  3. Being a lifelong fan of George Herriman, I am attracted to anything that smells like, and has the texture of, Mock Duck.
    I find this site to be worthy of the name.
    Please Sir, may I have some more ?

  4. I always found it a little disappointing how seldom Mock Duck and assorted lesser characters make it into the strip. Can there be any doubt that if Krazy Kat happened today, separate spin-off shows would be made around Joe Stork, Walter Cephus Austridge, Don Kiyoti and other side characters? And that there would eventually be a feature-length movie with the voice of Ashton Kutcher as Ignatz Mouse and James Gandolfini as Officer Pupp?

    Thanks for stopping by. Please come again!

  5. Hi Dan,
    just stumbled across this site from a search for GenX as I am about to deliver a lecture about working in the bubble of 2000. Thanks for keeping it up – I empathize with child in one hand and whim shots from the hip with the other. Am definitely bookmarking your site. Kind regards

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