Ross Park For Less

Check out these photos my wife’s friend posted on Facebook yesterday. Apparently, he was shopping at the Ross Dress For Less at El Cerrito Plaza over the weekend when some buffoon drove her car through the storefront into the store. That’s the culprit standing to the right of the car in the second photo.

4 thoughts on “Ross Park For Less”

  1. I don’t know what’s weirder, the event itself, or the fact that I heard it from you first even though I live down the street and you are half way around the planet.

  2. I know! Amazing how the internet rescues me from total irrelevance in relation to the Bay Area, isn’t it?

  3. I’m reeling from the crash of pronouns & gender: you write “some buffoon drove her car” and then identify the culprit as the beefy guy to the right of the car. Is she in drag, or is “her” the default gender for the sui generis bozo?
    I’m also perplexed by why the car is intact when the storefront is in shards: is this some James Bond automotive shockproof model just pretending to look like your ordinary cheap tin can on wheels??

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