Personal Jesus?

My wife handed me three CDs from her teenage collection last night and asked, “Which one of these do you want our son to listen to in the car?” (She’s going nuts listening to the same album of kiddie songs over and over again, thus wants to introduce some variety). The options:

A. The Who’s Greatest Hits
B. Suzanne Vega
C. Depeche Mode

After a moment of serious reflection, I heard myself saying, “Depeche Mode. I want my one year-old son to ride around town listening to Depeche Mode.”

7 thoughts on “Personal Jesus?”

  1. I have been lucky enough to largely avoid the pre-recorded nursery rhyme trap. Get the Itsy Bitsy Spider / Wheels on The Bus iPhone apps (search for Duck Duck Go).

    More importantly, I discovered that Arcade Fire / No Cars Go makes a damn good lullaby.

    The only problem is my 2 year old daughter now asks – no, not asks, but DEMANDS – that I play it *every* time we get in the car. Not really a problem given the alternatives — and it’s pretty cute when I catch her singing the chorus in the house.

    But let’s just say we have *lots* of live versions, and after the 4th repeat, Arcade Fire often “gets tired” and “has to rest” while David Bowie or Mother Mother plays.

  2. johnny0: That Itsy Bitsy Spider app is amazing. My son loves it.

    Right now he’s on a Slowidive, Bunnymen and Joy Division kick. I totally agree on not beginning the whole kiddy trap!


  3. The Who is actually brilliant childrens music. But not so sure about the greatest hits. “Boris the Spider” has been reigning supreme in our house for over a year now. Queen is also perfect childrens music if you can stand it. But that was more for the 2 year old set. Also C.O.B. (offshoot of incredible string band)

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