Jazz 78s, part one

Back in 2003, I took an advanced typography class where we had to do a sort of self-generated thesis project. I wound up looking at typography associated with different genres of Jamaican music, which actually held together as a topic more coherently than I’d dared hope. One of my classmates, Lora Santiago, did something around the crates of old 78s that her dad had collected. I immediately her asked for the images, and still love to just put them on as a slideshow from time to time…

2 thoughts on “Jazz 78s, part one”

  1. Great stuff as usual. I love the colors.

    My grandfather had this 78 version of Beethoven’t 5th symphony (a box with like six records). The cover was bright orange with a big white V and the morse code for V (dot dot dot dash). I don’t know whatever happened to it but it wasn’t until years later I heard about Churchill and V for Victory and Beethoven’s Vth.

  2. That’s great all around– the cover, and the Churchill back story (which I hadn’t known about).

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