Image dump: In search of Izolda Morgan's legs

Some memorable images I’ve run across mostly while researching 1930s Futurist and Constructivist book covers for the Bruno Jasienski project I blogged about last week. Some randoms, too.

(Incidentally, the publisher and I met up earlier this week and we agreed to nix the direction I showed in last week’s post. This decision left me with divided feelings– on on the one hand, I liked that direction aesthetically; on the other hand, it really did feel out-of-step with 1930s Futurism, and the incongruity was really bugging me. Anyway: back to the drawing board).

4 thoughts on “Image dump: In search of Izolda Morgan's legs”

  1. I love those images! In fact, when I made the comment last week about whether your proposed cover was faithful to the story, what I had in mind was something like the Golembowicz or Wolowski (images 2 and 3 above) which capture a kind of fragmented mix of technology/objects/people/symbols.

    Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the project.

  2. Thanks for your perceptive comments on the cover project. How do you know so much about Slavic literature from 20s and 30s??

  3. To be honest I don’t know much at all, but when I did my English degree my focus was modernism (Joyce and Faulkner) and I then moved into Comparative Literature and took some papers on post War art, Eastern European literatures (mostly Polish and Russian) as well as literature in totalitarian regimes. It’s all fascinating but hard to get a good perspective because of limited translations, etc.

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