4 recent favorite quotes

1. “My poems may offend the dead, but the dead belong to me.” (Unknown)

2. “Everything ends badly, or it wouldn’t end at all” – Tom Cruise movie Cocktail

3. “In the war between the grasses and the trees, humans have greatly helped out on the side of the grasses.” (Unknown)

4. “There’s no I in ‘team’ but there is one in ‘win’.” – Michael Jordan

Edit: reader SP points out that quote 3 is Michael Pollan. And she should know, as I nicked the quote from her.

1 thought on “4 recent favorite quotes”

  1. I believe that #3 was said by Michael Pollan (is that the name of the guy who wrote omnivores Dilemma?) during a radio interview I heard when Botany of Desire (?) came out. He was talking about why pot has developed the ability to stone people, because it’s helped it survive, and just in general that all the grass crops (wheat, corn, barley, etc.) wouldn’t have stood a chance against forest if people weren’t always clearing away trees for them. Or maybe that’s obvious.

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