Twitter Time

Here’s a real resolution, for once: I promised JohnnyO in this space that I would belatedly get on Twitter and take it for a spin, despite my longstanding resistance. So, today, I created an account – – and promise to jump in with both feet, tweet avidly, take advantage of it as much as possible, etc… for the span of one month. At the end of February, I will cast judgement on whether it’s actually bringing anything to the table that Facebook, this blog, et all don’t already.

One special caveat is that is that the service must in some small way add something to my tangible, non-online existence. I don’t know what that might be exactly, but it might be along the lines of ‘informing me about cool stuff that’s going on in Prague that I wouldn’t otherwise know about.” Doesn’t have to be anything earthshaking… just something besides beyond ‘another senseless source of online banter.”

(Image: Don Knotts, for no reason in particular).

5 thoughts on “Twitter Time”

  1. I just did the same thing last night, just to see.
    Here is what I think so far:

    Oh wait, Twitter sucked the brain out of my skull.
    One whole month is a long time. It’s a good thing you picked February.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean:

    Anyway… so far, I’m finding that the bird metaphor is perfectly fitting for everything that’s both good and bad about twitter. So, good job by them in that sense.

  3. Thanks. Actually, we have that one, but somehow the Wee Monsieur hasn’t taken to it yet. Dunno why…

  4. The only thing it will add to your tangible non online existence is frustration over wasted time. And a lot of the time is wasted trying to figure out what people are actually saying. (IMO)

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