Rock-A-Mambo Time

Oh yeah: the Rock-A-Mambo exhibition opening party happened last Thursday. I’ve just been too busy to write one red word about it… but now that I finally have photos from the event, I barely have to!

Details of the exhibition are written up here. Thanks to Tina Simonova for snapping the pictures. She did such a good job that it actually looks like a legitimate exhibition space. In fact, it’s a still-being-renovated wing of Prague College that had no electricity until an hour before the show opened. Glad tidings!

The goings-on:

(That’s me on the far left, anxiously buzzing around and prodding everyone to remember to have a fun time.)

The work:

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  1. There were a lot, especially when if you take into account the fact that we were piping in the music, and those guys sing in a whole raft of tongues

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