Doppelganger update

This is what happens when you have a portfolio site that’s your own name (as in

That’s us Dans: always loving each others’ shit, man.

1 thought on “Doppelganger update”

  1. Don’t knock so swiftly the fan mail. For most of us, appreciation comes too rarely to not be savored, esp when the source shares his admiratoin along with his name (I tend to hate at first sight discovering online anyone with the same name…like the eponymous woman who organizes Bar Mitzvohs when I consider myself both irreligious and anti-Zionist).
    You are too old for such ready snark, or else maybe it is I at 2x your age who can’t take the virtual heat so should probably keep out of the online kitchen. Thus after this, my one & only interblogvention, I resume my vow of lurky silence.

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