The Girl In The Abstract Bed and other finds

OK, I’ve never blogged the ongoing process of working on a project before and so I have no idea whether it’s interesting, illuminating, unseemly or just dead boring (or some heady concoction of all of the above). In any case, I promise this is the last image dump I’ll do on the Legs of Izolda Morgan project for awhile. If I post on the subject again, it will be to show new designs.

What can I say– I just love book covers, and one of my favorite parts of designing one is having an excuse to trawl around and dig up interesting covers that other people have done (plus a few posters and woodcuts that have slipped in here too).

2 thoughts on “The Girl In The Abstract Bed and other finds”

  1. Thanks! Always a treat. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve ‘borrowed’ the stop needless noise pic. It just seems like something that may come in handy some day.

    My favorite is the Peace poster, but all of them show a subtlety that I think is lacking in a lot of modern design.

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