Assorted thoughts on Buy Nothing Day

  • Yesterday was a nice occasion to stop and reflect on all the things we’re grateful for in life. Unfortunately, it was also the nine year anniversary of Katherine Harris certifying George W. Bush as the winner of Florida’s electoral votes. Well, isn’t that a kick in the teeth. Happy ‘Angst-giving’.
  • Having a spiral staircase in your apartment seems like a really cool perk until you sprain your ankle playing basketball and are hobbling around on crutches. Then: not so perky. I know I mentioned this feature of our flat as a hazard to our kiddo already in the Obecni Dum post, but hurting my ankle really brings the point home. Every time I need to go upstairs to get something, I feel like I should have a team of sherpas with me.
  • I had plans for a classic food-laden, rowdy Thanksgiving with fellow expats, but wound up getting snowed in the entire day by a combination of bum ankle and rush project for work. Not the most festive of holidays. Sitting marooned in my arm chair, I got so hungry at one point that my infant son started to metamorphosize into a plump turkey before my eyes…
  • Finally, if you’re a designer and reading this, you must read this glorious email flame war between designer and client. There’s nothing quite like mocking a would-be client through libelous pie charts (hat tip: reader KF).

1 thought on “Assorted thoughts on Buy Nothing Day”

  1. • Don’t understand it probably due to lack of interest in politics
    • I would prefer fancy spiral case even if I had to suffer once in two months. But its true how unusable become various things after you just cut your finger, even on left hand (even being left-handed).
    • That’s probably normal designer’s acquired disorder—deformed perception of “usual” objects. I see faces in some things if you look at them at some special angle. Old baroque chandelier in my room is really scary sometimes. And it also interacts with me when Im trying to pass by (it end’s exactly at 177cm from the floor, and Im 178cm tall).
    • “Nice” 🙂 I really like this chart, and also the part when he tries to sell seven-legged spider to cover his overdraft 🙂

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