Mock friends

A few words on each of our buddies in the blogroll:

  • Everyone should check out JohnnyO’s Burrito Justice blog and his excellent post on Mission District trees in particular. This blog shares a lot of the topical preoccupations of Mock Duck (San Francisco, lost urban artifacts, bacon, etc) but manages to cover these themes without falling back on the appalling generalizations, loose inferences and blatant contradictions that riddle this blog.
  • Mission Mission is another San Francisco Mission District-related blog (the authoritative one, I suppose), for those interested.
  • FWIS and NYTimes Book Design Review are both devoted to book cover design, my singular interest.
  • ModularLab is the site of my friends Mark and Kathrin and contains nice visual images.
  • Muzikifan is maintained by the inimitable Alastair Johnston: typographic authority, publisher, world music collector, and occasional Thelonious Monk masquerader.
  • Moonraking is written by Ivan K, professor of English lit and former music critic and Lemonheads poster boy.

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