Bigger hot dog sales…

… through sexually-ambiguous vampire advertising.


Good to know that somebody is trying it. This is the side of the delivery truck for Kostelecke Parky, a Czech hot dog brand.

Update: Reader JM alerts us that she used to have undies with this unsavory character on them. See the Comments section for more disturbing revelations along these lines. Meanwhile, regarding the lost panties, I can only extend the hope that she someday finds them in the Warehouse of Lost Stuff.

2 thoughts on “Bigger hot dog sales…”

  1. I used to have undies with that guy on it! One of my absolutely most prized possessions ever, now most painfully lost. A parting present from my ESL tutees, the dudes who ran the advertising firm for Kostelecke Parky. Cvetler and Porzizek, in Brno in 1995 – wonder if they’re still at it. They were misguidedly trying to update the firm’s image w/ a big photo of a woman’s mouth eating a rose that turns out on closer inspection to be made of, of course, hot dogs – glad to see they failed to put the vampire to rest!

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