Taqueria Dolores

I’ve added Mission Mission to the blog roll, and was pleased to see that they covered the jarring Taqueria Dolores in one of their posts.

It’s a ‘Mission-style’ taqueria in Berlin (in Alexanderplatz, no less- a really sterile, touristy square) with maps of the Mission on the walls and bottles of Anchor Steam to be had. Behold:


Basically, you can have fun locating on the walls three or four places you’ve lived while eating a really, really non-greasy burrito. All they’re missing is the unbelievably loud juke box that bursts into mariachi at unexpected intervals.

Man, I miss Berlin. Even though I’ve never lived there. The ‘Czech-Mex’ here in Prague is comparatively unimaginative and second-rate.

4 thoughts on “Taqueria Dolores”

  1. That’s really interesting. And sounds really tasty, too. I feel obligated to point out that it’s also totally jive and new-fangled– for example, you could probably travel from one side of Czech Republic to the other without finally a ciabatta roll, so they’re taking pretty heavy liberties with the local cuisine. Not that this matters… just sayin’. By the way, ‘Tabor’ is a small city in central CR whose name means ‘camp’. its right near another city called Pisek (‘sand’).

  2. i was afraid of that — pizza in the US vs Italy, etc.

    As far as names go, if you’re dyslexic, there’s rabota, which means labor/indentured servitude (right?) which is a good description for the kitchens of a lot of restaurants. But I digress.

    Hey, you’re using “Czech Republic” — catering to your North American audience? You are pretty much the voice of Czech to my readership. You’re supposed to be getting us used to “Czech”, aka “one side of Czech to the other”.

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